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WELCOME TO ST. ANDREW’S … As the people of St. Andrews we acknowledge our gratefulness for the unexpected grace of God displayed in Jesus Christ. We look forward to the ways a diverse congregation can teach us more about the manifold love of God.  Therefore, we commit to loving others as Christ loves us, welcoming all without reservation, without question, without judgment, without restriction. We are committed to answering the call of the Holy Spirit, being a community of unexpected grace, and actively seeking reconciliation with those we have previously rejected.  We repent of the ways we have said to others, “I have no need of you,” and we commit to an ever deepening faithfulness to embody God’s welcome to everyone.
In particular, we strive to be a community of reconciliation where diverse ethnicity, culture, gender, age, sexuality, gender identity, political views, economic condition, mental ability, and physical ability are present and all are fully involved in the ministry of Christ we share together.

WE ASK THE CHURCH FAMILY TO PRAY for the Diocese of Osun North East (Nigeria).

THE FLOWERS ON THE ALTAR are given to the Glory of God and in celebration of the 54th wedding anniversary of Carl and Beth DeJong; given to the glory of God and in celebration of the life of Mike Sanders, husband of Elizabeth Sanders, who died one year ago.

PRAY FOR Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop; Whayne Hougland, Bishop of Western Michigan; for our partner dioceses and their bishops, Wendell Gibbs, Bishop of Michigan; Todd Ousley, Bishop of Eastern Michigan; Rayford Ray, Bishop of Northern Michigan; Julio Holguin, Bishop of the Dominican Republic; Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury; Craig Satterlee, Bishop of the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA);

The Ordination of Lily Marx at St. Gregory’s, Muskegon; Bishop Whittemore Foundation Board Meeting.


WEEKLY NEWS JULY 23 – 30, 2017

LARGE PRINT BULLETINS are available on the ledge behind the organist.


We pray for David, Christine, Evan, Mia & Zoe Wernette on this their final day of worshiping with us.  We lift you up into God’s care and protection. We pray:

May God the Father prepare your journey,
Jesus the Son guide your footsteps,
The Spirit of Life strengthen your body,
The Three in One watch over you,
on every road that you may follow.

 Celebrate the Wernettes following the service and join them for a special reception in the narthex.  Roll up sandwiches, fruit & veggie tray and cake will be served.

 NEW NAME TAGS – new name tags have been made for all adults and are arranged alphabetically for now. Don’t see a name tag for yourself?  Talk to Kathy or sign up on the clipboard on the table in the entryway.


ADULTS – Sunday morning adult forum has been cancelled for the rest of the summer.  It will resume in the fall.

CHILDREN (elementary age) – An Illustrated Earth: Celebrating God’s Creation

Feeding of the 5,000

The lesson this morning explored the story of Jesus’ care for the 5,000 men, not to mention the women and children present, who were hungry.  Jesus invested his energy in preaching the Gospel but also in providing for the very real needs of those gathered around him.  Afterwards, we wondered about the needs of the people in the story, read our prayer together, and then colored our giant poster together.


The beginning of June the Vestry met and reflected on the ministries of of St. Andrew’s. The Vestry invites YOU to offer your thoughts and reflections on the ministries of St. Andrew’s at the 2 remaining Sunday Town Hall meetings offered on Sundays.  For those unable to attend the July gatherings, additional dates will be set in the fall at Wednesday night’s Oasis.  After this review, the vestry will be communicating to the members of the parish a report regarding our work together as we begin to create a parish profile in preparation for the search for a new Rector in the far future.

Suggested questions to pray on….

*In the past 1½ years at St. Andrew’s, what are some of the highlights?

*Who do you want to thank?

*Words that describe St. Andrew’s?

*What is working well?

Discussions scheduled:

JULY 23, 9:00am

JULY 30, 11:00am

What to share your thoughts in electronic mode?  Send an email to Senior Warden, Marc Bush, mabpac@att.net.

Also initiate conversation with any of your Vestry members.  Recognize them by their name tags which have “Vestry” printed under their name.

Current Vestry:    Marc Bush, Senior Warden

Helen Scott, Junior Warden

Marcia Baker

Nicolle Brown

Kai Carrigan

Christina Doe

Eric Icard

Jim Visota

Troy Mossel

Jeff Hines

Jim Sterken

Nancy Winkler


Plans are well underway.  Reserve the date of Wednesday, December 28.  A location has been selected but awaits Vestry approval.  We will keep you up to date as information is shared.

The committee planning the event is comprised of:  Chris & Mary Simpson, Deb Grow, Eric Icard – Vestry representative, Dennis Buteyn, Cindy Nawrocki  & Kathy Griffes.

BREATHE, MOVE RESTORE: YOGA!  Tuesday & Thursday night Gentle Yoga classes meet from 6-7 p.m. Do come, bring a friend and your yoga mat.  Suggested donation:  $5.00.  Stretch, relax, and get in touch with your spirit.

ATTENDANCE –   JULY 15/16: 109     YEAR TO DATE: 169


                                                   July 1/2            July 8/9           July 15/16         July 22/23              July 29/30

Total Collection                             $ 11,258.95           10,023.28           6,786.05

Designated Funds                            $  2,959.00                  60.00           1,285.05

Capital Campaign                            $    400.00             1,030.00                 -0-

Funds Available for Operations     $  7,197.35             9,481.00          5,501.00

Budget for Operations                    $   8,456.00             8,456.00          8,456.00           8,456.00            8456.00

Thirsting to Serve                                     35.60                  37.28              39.01


SUMMER FOOD PANTRY NEEDS: Canned meats, canned or fresh fruit, canned or fresh vegetables, cereal, boxed pasta, spaghetti & sauce, rice, peanut butter & packaged desserts.  Bring your offerings directly to the pantry at NECM, on the corner of Spencer and Plainfield; drop it off here at St. Andrew’s in the basket by the altar or bring it Immanuel Lutheran Church July 16 – 23.  Children are home in the summers make it important to keep our local pantry well stocked.


North End Community Ministry (NECM) presents “CELEBRATE BACK TO SCHOOL” – 18 Years of providing Grand Rapids youth with school clothes and supplies.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church strives to be a community that is committed to racial healing

We invite you to join us in prayer:  

O God, you made us in your own image and redeemed us through Jesus your Son: Look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the arrogance and hatred which infect our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; unite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish your purposes on earth; that, in your good time, all nations and races may serve you in harmony around your heavenly throne; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

– Prayer for the Human Family (Book of Common Prayer, p. 815).

We invite you to consider participating in the following upcoming event:

CORR, Congregations Organizing for Racial Reconciliation, composed of the Anti-Racism Teams of Madison Square, Coit Community and Church of the Servant invite you to attend an anti-racism workshop. The 2.5-day experience is designed to raise awareness and organize for racial reconciliation.

Workshop Goals

  • To see and learn about racism in a new and redemptive way.
  • To gain insights into systemic racism through the eyes of faith and Scripture.
  • To see more of the connections between history and contemporary race relations.
  • To identify organizing opportunities to “eliminate racism, both causes and effects, within the body of believers and throughout the world.”

Upcoming Workshops

*October 19-21, 2017

*October 26-28, 2017                     For more information see:  http://www.corrnow.org


Join us for Pray, Learn, Grow at 7 pm Thursday at St. Andrew’s. This is an intergenerational program, integrating prayer, learning and food growing in St. Andrew’s community garden, for middle schoolers through adults offered by Plainsong Farm Thursday evenings at St. Andrew’s June through October.  Mother Nurya Love Parish is one of the leaders.


Our party at Bill and Sallie Bowie’s is this Sunday, July 23 from 1-5! There’ll be lunch, pontoon boating, fishing, kayaking, a water trampoline, and s’mores. It’s all free and at the Bowie’s home on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. Life jackets will be provided. This event is for middle and high schoolers who have RSVPed with Jeff Brown, Youth Minister.

The Big G.R.E.Y. Summer Mini-Camp!

All G.R.E.Y. members who will be attending 6th-12th grades this fall are cordially invited to our August trip to Cran-Hill Ranch in Rodney, Michigan, East of Big Rapids from August 18-20. We’ll leave early-afternoon from St. Andrew’s on Friday the 18th and return on Sunday the 20th in the early afternoon. It will be a weekend of learning, worship, formation, service, and fun. There will be no cost to families for this event this year. Our permission form and Cran-Hill’s liability waiver are available when requested.  Contact Youth Minister, Jeff Brown.


Father Christian Brocato, Rector of St. Mark’s, will offer a Confirmation class for youth in the diocese this fall. Those sessions, tentatively scheduled for the late-afternoon on Sundays, will begin in September with an intensive preparation from September through October. Diocesan Canons require that youth be 16 or older for Confirmation. Youth would need to commit to attending all sessions and miss no more than one. The Confirmation service at the hands of our Bishop will take place at the Diocesan Convention on November 4. Please reach out to me or Father Brocato with any questions: christianb@stmarksgr.org.

  1. ANDREW’S & ST. MARK’S YOUTH under the guidance of Youth Minister, Jeff Brown, have received congratulations on making it to the top ten fund raising organizations for the 40th annual Access Hunger Walk!!!


Please continue to keep St. Andrew’s and Fr. Mike in your prayers as we begin to prepare for his final 6 months with us.  Pray for our vestry as they work with St. Andrew’s people in the creation of our Parish Profile and this time of transition in the days and months to come.

 Please join in praying together this prayer for transition:

 Most Merciful God, you are the great head of the Church. Look upon us with your favor as we enter this time of transition.  Bless the people of St. Andrew’s.  Bless our vestry and our staff.  Bless Mike, Linda, and their family.  Through this time, empower us, as your people, that we might continue the ministry and witness begun in this place.  Grant us the strength and the spirit of cooperation to do your will so that we, as a congregation, might continue to be a shining witness to you.  Through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.


St. Andrews is hosting Supper House on Tuesday, JULY 25. We are in need of volunteers. Children and grandchildren are welcome to help as well.

Volunteers are asked to arrive between 4:30 and 4:45. The dinner will be served at St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church, 228 Carrier NE. The parking lot is at the corner and the entrance to the cafeteria is in the inside corner of that lot. The guests will be arriving at five. Your help is needed and much appreciated.

This ministry serves many people in the north end area of Grand Rapids. It is a perfect opportunity to show kindness and respect to those who may not always be treated in such a way. The guests are grateful and you will hear that in their words and see it in their smiles.

Please consider serving with us on the special night!

Contact Michael Woerner at 617-2719 or email Michael at boybear1963@hotmail.com OR sign up on the board in the narthex.

REMEMBER TO WEAR A BALL CAP (Or you will have to wear a hair net)


It’s God’s Money

by Jerry Hall,  Jeromehall1@frontier.com


Last time I wrote about prudent things you can do to secure your home before leaving on a vacation. This time I write about wise things you can do for yourself to help ensure a pleasant experience. What has this to do about money, some might ask. Following the advice in these columns can help prevent occurrences that will cost you money and saving money in one place means you will have it available to use somewhere else, of your own choosing.

Always have a first aid kit available for small emergencies. Children can have accidents while climbing, playing and exploring. Adults can also encounter surprises. A basic kit should include bandages, small and large, gauze tape, scissors, tweezers (think splinter removal), cortisone spray (kills itches), burn spray, calamine lotion, bacterial wipes, and a disinfectant like hydrogen peroxide.

It can be a lot of fun to be out in the sun but sunburn can be dangerous as well as painful. Using a sun block with a minimum of 15 SPF, better yet a rating of 50 SPF is advisable, especially for those of lighter complexions. Consider purchasing the type that stays on if you perspire or go in the pool/lake. “Baking” in the sun used to be ‘the thing to do’ and a sunburn to obtain a nice tan was the price some were willing to pay. Doing this is no longer considered a wise activity. Premature wrinkles, skin spots and even melanomas later in life may result. You don’t have to stay inside. Wear a hat, use sunscreen, and use common sense. Reapply the sunscreen regularly throughout your stay outside.

Higher temperatures can cause dehydration, and then a possible trip to a Med Station or Emergency Room. Stay lubricated with lots of water. Studies have shown that older people don’t notice thirst as readily and the young, with resulting leg cramps, so this advice applies to older folk as well. Some liquids may contain more sugar than you think is wise. Consider lemonade or pure, icy, water.

CALENDAR: JULY 23 – 30, 2017


8:00pm                 Holy Eucharist

9:00am                 Third Town Hall Meeting

10:00am                 Holy Eucharist

11:15am                 Special Hospitality Time –  Good bye to Wernettes

7:00pm                 NA


7:00pm                 OA


   4:30pm                 SUPPER HOUSE

6:00pm                 Yoga


9:00am                  Holy Eucharist

10:30am                  Knitting Ministry

7:00pm                  Discernment Committee


8:00am                  Men’s Group-breakfast at Cheers

6:00pm                 Yoga

6:45pm                  Contemplative Prayer

7:00pm                  OA

7:00pm                  Pray+Learn+Grow – tending the

Community Garden



9:00am                 SAA Support Group

4:30pm                 St. Raphael’s Worship Service

5:30pm                 Holy Eucharist


8:00pm                 Holy Eucharist

10:00am                 Holy Eucharist

11:15am                 Fourth Town Hall Meeting

7:00pm                 NA


JULY 23 – 29, 2017 BIRTHDAYS

Suzie Wardle                        July 23

Izaak Smith                          July 24

Anna Collins                         July 25

Jackie Brayman                  July 25

Lynn Sicklesteel                  July 26

Richard Neureither              July 26

Evan Wernette                     July 27

Jeff Hines                              July 27

Elizabeth Blackbird            July 27

Cleone Anton                       July 28

Rose Loki                             July 29




Beth & Carl DeJong                            July 27

Doug & Julie Kuhn                             July 30

Jim & Mikki Day                                July 31

Mike & Linda Giszewski                    July 31




10:00am                Mike, Carol & Gamma Betz


8:00am                 Marty & Janet Jones

10:00am                 Candy & Steve Petrides


5:30pm                Kai Carrigan

8:00am                 Diane Bouwknegt

10:00am                  Suann Foust & Agatha Doe

Chalice Assistants

5:30pm                 Kai Carrigan

8:00am                 Diane Bouwknegt

10:00am                Jerry Hall & Suann Foust

Altar Guild           Cynthia Thomas, Becca & Trinity Lyben

Counters               Marie Johnson & Clark Grant

“Goodies”             Karen Bryant

Welcome Bread    Marjorie Schuchardt




10:00am                Mary & Don Davies


8:00am                 Jerry & Carole Skar

10:00am                 Michael Woerner & David Battjes


5:30pm                Walt Harrison

8:00am                 Jerry Skar

10:00am                  Michael Woerner & Glenn Rotier

Chalice Assistants

5:30pm                 Walt Harrison

8:00am                 Jerry Skar

10:00am                Michael Woerner & Donna Johnston

Altar Guild           Carole Skar, Mary Jo Smith, Deb Larson

Counters               Jerry Skar & Mary Simpson

“Goodies”             Church Cookies

Welcome Bread    Kathy Griffes