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WELCOME TO ST. ANDREW’S … As the people of St. Andrew’s we acknowledge our gratefulness for the unexpected grace of God displayed in Jesus Christ. We look forward to the ways a diverse congregation can teach us more about the manifold love of God.  Therefore, we commit to loving others as Christ loves us, welcoming all without reservation, without question, without judgment, without restriction. We are committed to answering the call of the Holy Spirit, being a community of unexpected grace, and actively seeking reconciliation with those we have previously rejected.  We repent of the ways we have said to others, “I have no need of you,” and we commit to an ever-deepening faithfulness to embody God’s welcome to everyone.
In particular, we strive to be a community of reconciliation where diverse ethnicity, culture, gender, age, sexuality, gender identity, political views, economic condition, mental ability, and physical ability are present and all are fully involved in the ministry of Christ we share together.

WE ASK THE CHURCH FAMILY TO PRAY for the Dioceses of Rochester (The Episcopal Church) and Rochester (England).

 THE FLOWERS ON THE ALTAR are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Ellen Grant by her family.

 PRAY FOR Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop; Whayne Hougland, Bishop of Western Michigan; for our partner dioceses and their bishops, Wendell Gibbs, Bishop of Michigan; Todd Ousley, Bishop of Eastern Michigan; Rayford Ray, Bishop of Northern Michigan; Julio Holguin, Bishop of the Dominican Republic; Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury; Craig Satterlee, Bishop of the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA);

All Saints’ Church, Saugatuck, Corwin Stoppel, Rector; Grace Church, Grand Rapids, Stephen Holmgren, Rector.

WEEKLY NEWS AUGUST 13 – 20, 2017

LARGE PRINT BULLETINS are available on the ledge behind the organist.

Let us pray in the days, weeks and months ahead as Fr. Mike, Linda & St. Andrew’s prepare for his retirement as Rector of St. Andrew’s.

Most Merciful God, you are the great head of the Church. Look upon us with your favor as we enter this time of transition.  Bless the people of St. Andrew’s. Bless our vestry and our staff. Bless Mike, Linda, and their family.  Through this time, empower us, as your people, that we might continue the ministry and witness begun in this place.  Grant us the strength and the spirit of cooperation to do your will so that we, as a congregation, might continue to be a shining witness to you. Through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.

 Blood Pressure Screening Today – after all services

Heart Health Hint: How does salt intake affect blood pressure? Surprisingly, recent large studies have found what researchers call a J-shaped relationship between sodium and cardiovascular risk — people with low-sodium diets (less than 2.5 grams) and people with a very high sodium intake (above 4 grams) had higher risks of heart disease. Those with the lowest risk had sodium intakes in the middle, which is the range consumed by most Americans who don’t add table salt to their meals.

Be mindful of your own habits this summer, practice moderation in eating salty foods, and stop by after church to have your blood pressure checked.  Let us know how you’re enjoying this beautiful season and staying well at the same.  Let’s all BE WELL TO SERVE WELL.

NEW NAME TAGS – new name tags have been made for all adults and are arranged alphabetically for now. Don’t see a name tag for yourself?  Talk to Kathy or sign up on the clipboard on the table in the entryway.  Pick up your new tag the following week on the table in the entryway.


ADULTS – Sunday morning adult forum has been cancelled for the rest of the summer.  It will resume in the fall.

CHILDREN (elementary age) – BALAAM AND THE LORD’S MESSENGER: Numbers 22:22-35

Haven’t we all been in situations when we’ve found ourselves blind to what turned out to be right in front of us?  Whether it’s searching for a lost set of keys or making one of life’s big decisions, we can be unaware of something that later we realize was in plain view.  It is just such times, in our frustration and confusion, that we discover our need to depend on others’ help.

This lesson tells the story of such a situation, a story about a man named Balaam who must depend on his donkey, of all things, to see clearly.  This is an invitation for your children to consider when they need to ask for help, what that’s like and perhaps how they might be used by God to help someone in a time of confusion. Our response was to read our prayer together and gather around the table to color our giant poster.

“WELCOME BACK” FALL PICNIC – Mark your calendars for the Fall Welcome Back Picnic, which will take place on  Sunday, September 10th after the 10:00 a.m. liturgy. Pulled pork & BBQ pulled pork with buns along with beverages will be provided.  Please bring a dish to share.


Join us for Pray, Learn, Grow at 7 pm Thursday at St. Andrew’s. This is an intergenerational program, integrating prayer, learning and food growing in St. Andrew’s community garden, for middle schoolers through adults offered by Plainsong Farm Thursday evenings at St. Andrew’s through August 24.


Gentle Yoga classes are taught Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. Treat yourself to this relaxing, restorative, “stretchy” practice with our expert instructors, Jeff Brown and Angel Hayden.  Suggested donation of $5.00 suggested by not necessary.


Contact Kathy Griffes in the church office or standrew7887@sbcglobal.net with your interest.  Thank you!

WELCOME BREAD – provide 2 loaves of homemade or quality bakery bread of any type to be given to those who are visiting us at the 3 weekend services.

We thank Marcia Baker, Jackie Brayman, Linda Fedewa, Lois Gellasch, Carleen Ghareeb, Deb Grow, Stan & Susan Hone, Betty Mills, Marjorie Schuchardt, Diana Sherman, Carole Skar & Nancy Winkler for your ministry of welcome to our visitors & guests.

Sunday Morning Goodies – Coffee is made, provide some kind of juice drink, cookies, bagels, cheese & crackers, fruit, etc. – your choice – to share with folks after the 10:00am service.

We thank Marcia Baker, David Battjes, Michael Woerner, Carole Cothran, Patti Bellah, Diane Bouwknegt, Karen Bryant, Mary Jo Bultman, Stan & Susan Hone, Amy Linde, Beth McKee, Susan Sevensma & Diana Sherman for your hospitality.

CARING NOTES MINISTRY – St. Andrew’s maintains a list of folks that are not able to attend church for various reasons and often lose touch with the church and may feel forgotten.  Handwritten notes let them know they are cared for and remember by St. Andrew’s.  All notes & postage are provided.

We thank Laura Hoekstra, Martha Ann Irwin, Marie Johnson, Deb Larson, Janice Lyben, Diana Sherman, Teena Quinn, Carole Skar, Carlynn Teremi & Nancy Winkler for your caring and kindness.

 GREETERS – You are the welcoming face of St. Andrew’s at the 10:00am service.  Warmly greet visitors/guests, offer a Welcome Packet, offer to help in any way, answer questions & arrange for the bread/wine to be presented during the offertory.

We thank Keith & Marcia Baker; Mike, Carol & Gamma Betz; Mary Jo & David Bultman; Helen Cameron, Tom & Tracy Curran; Pam, Brianna & Kendra Dame; Don & Mary Davies; Carl & Beth DeJong; Gary, Shelly, Abi, Hannah & Marina Johnson; Jane Koning; Amy Linde; Dan & Laura Macalka; Greg & Beth McKee; Steve & Candy Petrides; Cynthia Thomas; Dell, Amy, Katie & Spencer Todd; Candace, Angel & SoYuet Witri for your ministry of welcoming all.

 USHERS !!!!!!!!!! WE ARE IN DIRE NEED of ushers for the 10:00am. Men, women, husband and wife teams, all are welcome to join us in this important ministry. If you are willing to serve or would like more information about the Usher committee, please contact Jerry Skar – 616-340-4649, or by email – jaskar04@comcast.net, or any of the members of the Usher committee.

We thank 8:00 Ushers– Tom & Pat Cook; Jerry & Carole Skar; Nancy Winkler; John Teremi; Marty & Janet Jones.  10:00 Ushers – Jerry Hall, Jeff Hayden, Dell Todd, Greg McKee, Candy & Steve Petrides; Doug Kuhn; Candace Witri.  Special thanks to choir members who helped out this summer at the 10:00 service – Jeanne Howell, Michael Woerner, David Battjes & John Smith.


IN THE IMAGE is located at 1823 S. Division Avenue in the Burton Heights neighborhood.

Today, In The Image serves thousands of individuals and families by linking everything – clothing, shoes, pots, pans, beds, dressers, coats, toys, etc. – for free. Only new and gently used, quality items are offered in the Free Store. Only furniture in good repair is available. Gently used shelving and racks were purchased and some even donated to replicate the look of any other store. Volunteers are trained to act as customer service agents, asking clients if there is anything they can help them find. We want to offer the best we can in order to treat people with dignity and respect.

During the Free Store hours, clients are welcomed to take what they need. A potential client may walk in, no questions asked, for the first visit – all you need is a picture ID and bags to hold your items. Clothing and other goods are restocked and reorganized by volunteers between shopping sessions.

“Thank you for helping us change lives!”Bethann Egan, Executive Director

3 years ago Richard Bouwknegt left this world for a better one. Richard had Alzheimer’s….an unkind, mind erasing, frightening disease for the afflicted and life altering for the caregiver. Now Richard’s sister, Judy, suffers with this disease. Daily autonomic functions that we take for granted decline until totally dependency on the caregiver for everything remains.

Diane Bouwknegt and her family walk again this year in loving memory of her husband but also in support of Judy and her family.

To pledge ONLINE go to www.alz.org and click on “Donate to Walker” or talk with Diane.

ATTENDANCE –   AUGUST 12/13: 155     YEAR TO DATE: 134


                                              August 5/6         August 12/13         August 19/20          August 26/27       

Total Collection                    $    9,838.56            22,693.68

Designated Funds                          590.00               1,550.00

Capital Campaign                         350.00                   -0-

Funds Available for Operations   8,864.56          20,110.00

Budget for Operations              $  8,456.00              8,456.00              8,456.00              8,456.00

Rector’s Discretionary Fund              35.00             1,000.00

Thirsting to Serve                            33.68

Annual 2nd Best Sale: Holy Spirit Episcopal Church’s Annual Second Best Sale is Friday, August 25 from 9 am – 4 pm and Saturday, August 26 from 9 am – 2 pm. There is a $5 “Early Bird Admission” charge on Friday only from 8-9 am; after 9 am admission is free! The sale is sponsored by the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) in support of parish activities. We have something for everyone, and everything is priced to move! Holy Spirit Episcopal Church is located at 1200 Post Drive NE, Belmont (corner of Post & Pine Island, 1/4 mile west of Exit 95 on US 131).

CALENDAR: AUGUST 20 – 27, 2017

Sunday – Omelet Sunday

8:00pm           Holy Eucharist/Blood Pressures/ Anointing

10:00am           Holy Eucharist/Blood Pressures/ Anointing

12:00pm           AED Training at St. Mark’s

7:00pm           NA


7:00pm           OA


9:30am           Staff

6:00pm           Yoga


9:00am           Holy Eucharist

10:30am           Knitting Ministry

7:00pm           Discernment


8:00am           Men’s Group-breakfast at Cheers

6:00pm           Yoga

7:00pm           OA



9:00am           SAA Support Group

4:30pm           St. Raphael’s Worship Service

5:30pm           Holy Eucharist


8:00pm           Holy Eucharist

10:00am           Holy Eucharist

7:00pm           NA

AUGUST 20 – 26, 2017 BIRTHDAYS

Jack Koning                  August 20

Mary Kastelin               August 21

Elizabeth Schuchardt    August 25

Tessa Schulz                 August 25

Nathan Smith                August 25

Spencer Todd                August 25


Keith & Marcia Baker           August 20

Mark & Deb Posthumus        August 21

Chris & Sarah Cullum           August 23

Fr. John & Jan English          August 25



10:00am            David & Mary Jo Bultman


8:00am             Marty & Janet Jones

10:00am             Jeff Hayden & Dell Todd


5:30pm             Jackie Brayman

8:00am             Nancy Winkler

10:00am            Agatha Doe & Julianne Day

Chalice Assistants

5:30pm            Jackie Brayman

8:00am             Nancy Winkler

10:00am            Jerry Hall & Walt Harrison

Altar Guild       Cynthia Thomas, Trinity Lyben,  Becca Lyben

Counters           Marie Anderson & Doug Kuhn

“Goodies”         Susan Sevensma

Welcome Bread Marcia Baker



10:00am        Carole Skar, MaryJo Smith, Deb Larson


8:00am        Jerry & Carole Skar

10:00am        Greg McKee & Jeanne Howell


5:30pm       Chris Wolterstorff

8:00am        Stan Hone

10:00am        Mary Jo Bultman & Chris Ingram

Chalice Assistants

5:30pm            Chris Wolterstorff

8:00am             Stan Hone

10:00am            Kai Carrigan & Marg Moleski

Altar Guild       Carole Skar, Mary Jo Smith & Deb Larson

Counters           Candace Witri & Linda Rice

“Goodies”         Church Cookies

Welcome Bread Nancy Winkler

Do you have a special “date” in the month? We’d love to include it in our weekly celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries! Call Kathy at 361-7887, send email: standrew7887@sbcglobal.net or leave a note on her desk. Thank you!