High Schoolers – Plan Now for EYE 2014!

What is EYE? The Episcopal Youth Event, held every three years, is geared for high schoolers in grades 9-12 during the 2013-2014 school year and their leaders. The 2014 Episcopal Youth Event will be held in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania at Villanova University on July 9 – 13, 2014.

Why go to EYE? It’s the largest youth event in the Episcopal Church, mandated by the church’s General Convention. The last EYE, held in 2011, gathered 730 youth, 310 adult youth leaders, 50 bishops and 100+ support staff. EYE is planned not only for youth but also with and by youth.

The planning team is still meeting, so we don’t have schedule specifics yet. However, we know that the four core values of the Episcopal Youth Event will be upheld. As stated in the EYE 2011 Report to the Church, they are:

Core Value:
Focusing on Jesus Christ and his presence in our lives, EYE will provide an opportunity and create an
environment where young people and adults who accompany them can continue to grow on their journey in faith.
Core Value:
Striving to be a uniquely Episcopal Community and acknowledging that each person is a child of God and that we are called together into a full relationship with God and God’s Creation, we claim that we are a sacramental people of common prayer with diverse understandings and cultural contexts, all of whom work together as the Body of Christ.
Core Value:
Celebrating our mission and our ministry as the Body of Christ in Community, we will offer training for young people and adults and equip them to be faithful servant leaders in their local and diocesan communities.
Core Value:
Embracing the Anglican Marks of Mission as our charge, we will strive to engage the passion and energy of faithful youth, to embrace their call to ministry, and to empower them to put their faith into action.

Traditionally, the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan partners with other Episcopal Michigan dioceses for transportation and supervision of the youth attending EYE. We look forward to a strong showing from our diocese as we plan for this event!

To keep up with EYE, you can follow them on Facebook or subscribe to their event page.

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