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WELCOME TO ST. ANDREW’S … As the people of St. Andrews we acknowledge our gratefulness for the unexpected grace of God displayed in Jesus Christ. We look forward to the ways a diverse congregation can teach us more about the manifold love of God.  Therefore, we commit to loving others as Christ loves us, welcoming all without reservation, without question, without judgment, without restriction. We are committed to answering the call of the Holy Spirit, being a community of unexpected grace, and actively seeking reconciliation with those we have previously rejected.  We repent of the ways we have said to others, “I have no need of you,” and we commit to an ever deepening faithfulness to embody God’s welcome to everyone.
In particular, we strive to be a community of reconciliation where diverse ethnicity, culture, gender, age, sexuality, gender identity, political views, economic condition, mental ability, and physical ability are present and all are fully involved in the ministry of Christ we share together.

WE ASK THE CHURCH FAMILY TO PRAY for the Dioceses of Nyahururu-Maralal (Kenya).

THE FLOWERS ON THE ALTAR are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Dr. Martin Maehr, good friend of Jeanne Howell; given to the Glory of God and in celebration of the birthdays of Michael Joshua and Natalia, granddaughter of Abraham and Linda Joshua; given to the Glory of God and in celebration of the 47th wedding anniversary of Mike and Carol Betz; given to the Glory of God and in celebration of the 62nd wedding anniversary of Jerry and Martha Ann Irwin.

PRAY FOR Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop; Whayne Hougland, Bishop of Western Michigan; for our partner dioceses and their bishops, Wendell Gibbs, Bishop of Michigan; Todd Ousley, Bishop of Eastern Michigan; Rayford Ray, Bishop of Northern Michigan; Julio Holguin, Bishop of the Dominican Republic; Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury; Craig Satterlee, Bishop of the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA); Grace Church, Ludington – Mick Shriver, Rector; St. James’ Church, Pentwater – Sam Morrison, Rector.


LARGE PRINT BULLETINS are available on the ledge behind the organist.


Friday June 23rd, excavation followed by – cement work on Monday or Tuesday along the west side driveway.  The additional ramp will be added to the west entry door. Entering and exiting the church should not be an issue however be prepared for the possibility.

Monday July 17th– driveway and parking lot asphalt will be entirely removed & replaced.  The project will take the entire week.  We’ve been asked to park in the street during the day.  Evening meetings and classes – take your chances on parking in the lot as no telling what condition you will find.  Again, be prepared for the possibility of having to park in the street.

NEW NAME TAGS – new name tags have been made for all adults and are arranged alphabetically for now. Don’t see a name tag for yourself?  Talk to Kathy or sign up on the clipboard on the table in the entryway.



The need is great for twin size blankets (please…no bigger), bath towels and hemming of 3 fleece blankets (they are all cut out waiting to be hemmed).  Contact Mary Jo Bultman for more information or with donations.  Thank you.

Thank you Michele DeBevic for your donations of blankets, bath towels and washcloths for our homeless guests.


Canon Bill Spaid met with the Vestry on June 11 for a Mutual Ministry Review. The Vestry reflected on the ministries of the parish of St. Andrew’s. The Vestry invites you to offer your reflections on the ministries of St. Andrew’s at 4 separate Sunday after church events.  For those unable to attend the July gatherings, additional dates will be set in the fall at Wednesday night’s Oasis.  After this review, the vestry will be communicating to the members of the parish a report regarding our work together as we begin to create a parish profile.

JULY 9, 9:00am
JULY 16, 11:00am
JULY 23, 9:00am
JULY 30, 11:00am


ADULTS – Sunday morning adult forum has been studying the New Testament.  The video used is part of the Great Courses Series.  Join us in the lounge at 9:00am.

CHILDREN (elementary age) – An Illustrated Earth-Celebrating God’s Creation

Baptism of Jesus

Water is absolutely necessary for life on Earth and is all around us and a part of our bodies.  Water can seem ordinary, but in baptism water takes on a sacred quality, as in the story of Jesus’ baptism.  After our young readers read the verses, we wondered together about baptism and about what other things in our lives may appear ordinary, but may also be sacred and used by God for a special purpose in the world.

Thank you for your vacation bible school donations!

Thank you to all of you who generously donated food, pantry items and money for the VBS week.  All was greatly appreciated and helped to make the family dinners a success!


The Wernette family is moving to Seattle, Washington the beginning of August.  Sunday, July 23rd will be the final day of work for Christine and worshiping as a family with us.  There will be a special time of fellowship following the 10:00am church service.  Christine has worked as St. Andrew’s Director of Children’s Ministries for 7 years.  Thank you Christine for your devotion to our children every Sunday.  You and all of your family will be greatly missed.

BREATHE, MOVE RESTORE: YOGA!  Tuesday & Thursday night Gentle Yoga classes meet from 6-7 p.m. Do come, bring a friend and your yoga mat.  Suggested donation:  $5.00.  Stretch, relax, and get in touch with your spirit.

SUMMER FOOD PANTRY NEEDS: Canned meats, canned or fresh fruit, canned or fresh vegetables, cereal, boxed pasta, spaghetti & sauce, rice, peanut butter & packaged desserts.  Bring your offerings directly to the pantry at NECM, on the corner of Spencer and Plainfield; drop it off here at St. Andrew’s in the basket by the altar or bring it Immanuel Lutheran Church July 16 – 23.  Children are home in the summers make it important to keep our local pantry well stocked.


Designated offerings for the month of June will go to support the work of Plainsong Farm, growing food for people & people for God. Plainsong is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm & ministry located just outside of Rockford, MI.  As a CSA farm, they provide shares of their harvest to members each growing season.

The non-profit ministry provides good, healthy vegetables to people who would otherwise not have access.  NECM & North End Connect distribute the donated CSA shares to their clients.


                                             May 27/28              June 3/4        June 10/11        June 17/18        June 24/25       

Total Collection                            $    6,294.00            9,385.35       15,388.14            9,650.23

Designated Funds                          $       153.00               529.35            137.00              390.42

Capital Campaign                         $       250.00               150.00              -0-                       -0-

Funds Available for Operations    $   5,906.00            8,706.00        14,362.52           4,114.81

Budget for Operations                    $   8,456.00            8,456.00         8,456.00            8,456.00            8456.00

Thirsting to Serve                                    52.00                 46.35              13.62

Jeff Hayden Benefit Event                                             3,875.00

ATTENDANCE FIGURES – JUNE 17/18 Sunday Attendance: 133  Average: 165

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church strives to be a community that is committed to racial healing

Thank you to all who completed the survey regarding our anti racism efforts in the parish.

We invite you to join us in prayer:  

O God, you made us in your own image and redeemed us through Jesus your Son: Look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the arrogance and hatred which infect our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; unite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish your purposes on earth; that, in your good time, all nations and races may serve you in harmony around your heavenly throne; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

– Prayer for the Human Family (Book of Common Prayer, p. 815).

We invite you to consider participating in the following upcoming event:

CORR, Congregations Organizing for Racial Reconciliation, composed of the Anti-Racism Teams of Madison Square, Coit Community and Church of the Servant invite you to attend an anti-racism workshop. The 2.5-day experience is designed to raise awareness and organize for racial reconciliation.

Workshop Goals

  • To see and learn about racism in a new and redemptive way.
  • To gain insights into systemic racism through the eyes of faith and Scripture.
  • To see more of the connections between history and contemporary race relations.
  • To identify organizing opportunities to “eliminate racism, both causes and effects, within the body of believers and throughout the world.”

Upcoming Workshops

*October 19-21, 2017

*October 26-28, 2017            For more information see:  http://www.corrnow.org


Join us for Pray, Learn, Grow at 7pm on Thursday nights at St. Andrew’s. This is an intergenerational program, integrating prayer, learning and food growing in St. Andrew’s community garden, for middle schoolers through adults offered by Plainsong Farm Thursday evenings at St. Andrew’s June through October. Mother Nurya Love Parish will be one of the leaders along with other Plainsong Farm staff.


We had a blast last summer at Bill and Sallie Bowie’s house and on their pontoon boat. Good news: they’ve invited us for more fun on Sunday, July 23 from 1-5! There’ll also be lunch, fishing, kayaking, a water trampoline, and s’mores. It’s all free and at the Bowies’ home on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. Life jackets will be provided. RSVPs are due to me by Sunday, July 16. This event is for middle and high schoolers.

All G.R.E.Y. members who will be attending 6th-12th grades this fall are cordially invited to our August trip to Cran-Hill Ranch in Rodney, Michigan, East of Big Rapids from August 18-20. We’ll leave early-afternoon from St. Andrew’s on Friday the 18th and return on Sunday the 20th in the early afternoon. It will be a weekend of learning, worship, formation, service, and fun. There will be no cost to families for this event this year. Permission forms are forthcoming.


We wish Fr. Mike a holy time of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation as he takes some much-needed time off.  Lots of reading, fishing and spending time with his family will be enjoyed.  Please continue to keep St. Andrew’s and Fr. Mike in your prayers as we begin to prepare for his final 6 months with us.  Pray for our vestry as they work with St. Andrew’s people in the creation of our Parish Profile and this time of transition in the days and months to come.

 Please join in praying together this prayer for transition: 

Most Merciful God, you are the great head of the Church. Look upon us with your favor as  we enter this time of transition.  Bless the people of St. Andrew’s.  Bless our vestry and our staff.  Bless Mike, Linda, and their family.  Through this time, empower us, as your people, that we might continue the ministry and witness begun in this place.  Grant us the strength  and the spirit of cooperation to do your will so that we, as a congregation, might continue to be a shining witness to you.  Through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.


CALENDAR: JUNE 25 – JULY 2, 2017


8:00pm                 Holy Eucharist/Anointing

9:00am Adult Forum

10:00am                 Holy Eucharist/Anointing

7:00pm                 NA


7:00pm                 OA


9:30am Staff

12:00pm                 Healing Racism Committee

6:00pm                 Gentle Yoga


9:00am  Holy Eucharist

10:30am   Knitting Ministry

7:00pm  Discernment Committee


8:00am  Men’s Group

6:00pm  Gentle Yoga

6:45pm  Contemplative Prayer

7:00pm  OA

7:00pm  Pray+Learn+Grow – tending the Community Garden



9:00am SAA Support Group

4:30pm                 St. Raphael’s Summer Schedule

5:30pm                 Holy Eucharist


8:00pm                 Holy Eucharist

9:00am Adult Forum

10:00am                 Holy Eucharist

7:00pm                 NA


Christine Wernette              June 25

Jerry Skar                             June 26

Koen Unangst                      June 26

Brian Tillman                      June 27

Everett VanKlompenberg  June 27

Diane Morrow                      June 28

Pat Cook                               June 29

Steve Luchies                     June 29

Trevor Kutzli                       June 30

SoYuet Witri                        June 30

Curt Hoxsey                         July 1

JUNE 25 – JULY 1, 2017 WEDDING


Jerry & Martha Ann Irwin                June 25

Mike & Carol Betz                             June 27



10:00am                Amy Linde & Cynthia Thomas


8:00am                 Marty & Janet Jones

10:00am                 Jack Kastelin & Dell Todd


5:30pm                Michael Woerner

8:00am                 Stan Hone

10:00am                  Nicolle Brown & Mary Jo Bultman

Chalice Assistants

5:30pm                 Michael Woerner

8:00am                 Stan Hone

10:00am                Kurt Unangst & Jerry Hall

Altar Guild           Carole Cothran, Michael Woerner, David Battjes

Counters               Mary Simpson & Jerry Skar

“Goodies”             Beth McKee

Welcome Bread    Lois Gallasch



10:00am                Gary, Shelly, Hannah, Abby & Marina Johnson


8:00am                 Tom & Pat Cook

10:00am                 Candace Witri & Jerry Hall


5:30pm                Chris Wolterstorff

8:00am                 Nancy Winkler

10:00am                  Chris Ingram & Hank Kroondyk

Chalice Assistants

5:30pm                 Chris Wolterstorff

8:00am                 Nancy Winkler

10:00am                Dale Wood & Stan Hone

Altar Guild           Cynthia Thomas, Becca Lyben, Trinity Lyben

Counters               Marie Anderson & Doug Kuhn

“Goodies”             Church Cookies

Welcome Bread    Carleen Ghareeb

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