We’re New Here

What will you discover?Flood-KB 111_edited-1

At our weekend liturgies:

  • You’ll come in the doors to the Sanctuary where you will be greeted and handed a copy of our liturgy booklet. If children are with you, they’re welcome to come to worship (or at 10:00 Sunday, go to the nursery or the children’s programs).
  • You’ll find a seat in our sanctuary. Feel free to sit wherever you would be most comfortable.
  • The liturgy booklet contains all of the elements of the liturgy including the hymns.
  • You’ll be invited to come forward and participate in communion. If for any reason you prefer to stay in your seat, you are still a valued part of the worship community.
  • Our church is equipped with a hearing loop so if your hearing aid is so equipped, switch it to T-Coil.

After the Sunday services, you’re very welcome to share coffee and conversation. The people are just as friendly on Saturday evenings, but everyone usually heads out the door pretty quickly.

At the Wednesday liturgy:

  • You’ll come in the Office door and go to the right, down the hall to the Chapel.
  • You’ll join a warm and welcoming group of people who will be glad to meet you.
  • There isn’t a service bulletin, but the pages in the Book of Common Prayer will be announced.
  • You’re welcome to join in communion or stay seated.
  • After the service is over, you’re invited to share coffee and conversation across the hall in the Lounge.